Dream Rush

Dream Rush – The art of instantly converting the electrifying rush of a great dream into reality

Author: Emerald Mayne
ISBN: 978-0-9895306-0-6
Date: June, 5th 2013

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What if you knew the secret formula to a happy, fulfilled, successful life? What if you could live the dynamic life you dream of living, from NOW?

If you’re in search for powerful knowledge being practiced everyday by powerfully successful people, Dream Rush is the answer.  Dream Rush is a  well rounded, 360 degree package of knowledge you’ll need to achieve your dreams in a fraction of the time.  Why waste time discovering mistakes on your own, burning your precious time? Spending a couple of hours reading this book can save you years of frustration and prevent you from tossing your dreams aside, due to burnout, like millions of people do everyday.  Do you want to be one of the few successful people who do not just wish and talk but actually accomplish your dreams?  You are holding in your hands at this very moment – A Secret Advantage. Your decision to follow the steps provided in this priceless collection of wisdom will cause you to achieve your dreams while you are still young and have many, many years to enjoy your great accomplishments.


Dream Rush: About the Author

Dream RushEmerald Mayne is an elite 19 year old writer who was born in Miami, Florida. As a child, Emerald excelled in English and writing due to the persistent teachings of her grandmother. In school, Emerald was often acknowledged for her immensely detailed and explanatory style of writing. Emerald is currently the youngest author at Appointed Media and working on her second book! In addition to her success as an author, Emerald is a model, singer, actress, entrepreneur and college student studying Business Management.  Her greatest determination in life is to change lives and to make a positive impact on the youth in this generation- and those to come. She is driven to help, motivate and inspire others to fulfill their destiny, and she’s already accomplishing that one chapter at a time!  For more information on this author, visit the official website of Emerald Mayne.

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